List of universities offering permaculture education coming soon!

One important piece of my research was to identify as many of the universities and colleges offering permaculture education as I could. It’s quite a list! So far, I’ve found at least 35 schools that have offered a full permaculture design course for academic credit! And of course, there are many, many more who’ve offered permaculture education in other ways on campus. For more basic stats on this trend, check out this previous post.

Now, I’ve got a comprehensive spreadsheet of what schools are doing this, and how. This will be finalized soon, and I’ll get it up on the site. If you’re a university student looking for a PDC, hopefully this will help you find some possible options. Know of a school that should be on this list? Let me know!

In other exciting news, I’ve been involved in helping to establish the first permaculture design course in my own department of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria – and I’m currently working as a Teaching Assistant for the course. It is so great to be re-immersed in the excitement of the course, especially because the student groups are creating designs for partner organizations in our community. I’ll post a link to the class’s online portfolio when their site is up and running.

Until then, I’ll be out in the sunshine, prepping my garden for the season.

sirius shed


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